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Local Activities

There's so much to do in the Gooding Idaho area!

Gooding Pro Rodeo

The Gooding Pro Rodeo is always striving to be the rodeo that cowboys and fans alike "can't miss" on their busy schedules. The best cowboys and cowgirls in the nation and the wildest crowds anywhere make for one of the greatest rodeo experiences available. The Gooding Pro Rodeo is not your average County Fair and Rodeo. 2004 Wilderness Circuit Small Rodeo of the Year, 1st runner up - 2010 WPRA RODEO OF THE YEAR; 2nd place - 2010 Justin Best Footing Award. New for 2011 - video replays & score board on a big screen!

Gooding City of Rocks

City of Rocks is an area of unusual and highly scenic rock formations. Erosion has carved fascinating spires and hoodoos from the underlying deposits of solidified volcanic ash. Excellent hiking, sightseeing and solitude. About 15 miles north of Gooding on Highway 46, turn west at the BLM sign for City of Rocks. Follow the signs and travel about 7.5 miles on a generally well-maintained dirt road, which is suitable for passenger vehicles if conditions are dry. For more about the geology of Gooding City of the Rocks click here.

Malad Gorge

The Malad River Canyon is 250 feet deep and 2.5 miles long. At Malad Gorge State Park, located right off Interstate 84, you can view the canyon and walk along the rim. The highway crosses over Malad Gorge, but the angle of view hides the deep gorge where the river cascades into Devil's Washbowl. Views of the gorge are best from the slender-but sturdy-bridge that arcs across the canyon.

Niagara Springs & Thousand Springs State Park

The churning, icy blue glacial water is a National Natural Landmark and part of the world-famous Thousand Springs complex along the Snake River. The park provides a great opportunity to drive into the 350-foot-deep Snake River Canyon. Once inside the canyon, you'll find year-round fishing in Crystal Springs Lake, including a handicap accessible site. Waterfowl and other wildlife are abundant.


Mountains to the north of town, just a 35 mile drive, offer to local folk or to those traveling through a place to enjoy the beauty of nature as it has been created. Fresh clean mountain air enhances the lives of those who enjoy the excellent camping areas available in the mountains outside of Gooding.


Just miles away are some of the world's most famous winter ski resorts - Sun Valley, and also not far from there is Soldier Mountain. Also enjoy cross country skiing.

White water rafting and scenic rides

visit Idaho Guide Service or call 1-888-73-IDAHO  

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

Did you know that the horse evolved in North America? The Hagerman Horse, Equus Simplicidens, Idaho’s state fossil, was the first true horse. It was about the size of a modern Arabian horse. However, its bones most closely resembled those of the Grevy’s zebra. Hagerman is home to over two hundred different species of fossil plants and animals. The list includes Sabertooth Cat, a Hyena-like dog, Peccary, Mastodon, Otter, Bear, Shrew, Camel, and Ground Sloth, as well as many other species. With over 3,000 new fossil fragments found each year, it is one of the most fossiliferous Pliocene-aged sites in the world. The monument also includes a portion of the Oregon Trail. Information related to the entire Oregon Trail as well as the Idaho portion is available in the Visitor Center. Interpretive programs include Hagerman Fossil Beds NM and Paleontologist Junior Ranger programs, paleo porch programs, Junior Paleo Camp, and Oregon Trail living history programs. Come explore our Visitor Center with the Discovery Center, fossil displays, introductory DVD and learn more about our fascinating fossil park and the Oregon Trail!


Flat lands around the valley add make great snowmobiling. Also, the Gooding County Snow Park at the Gooding-Camas County line, includes 150 square miles of BLM and private land for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and sledding.

Shoshone Ice Caves

This natural wonder is actually a lava tube that is 1,000 feet long, with an ice depth ranging between 8 and 30 feet in height. Take a tour with the proprietor and learn all about the fascinating geology of the area. Explore the trails but be sure to dress warmly, even during the summer months. Constant below-freezing temperatures make a pleasant contrast to the often scorching summer heat—the "ice" in "ice caves" is caused by air currents flowing through the tubes, which causes subterranean water to freeze. These caves are one of the natural wonders of the world. Trained guides explain the geologic, volcanic, and historical background in these large lava ice caves. A museum contains Indian artifacts, gems, and minerals of local and world interest.

East and West Parks

West Park: Play ground with small zip line

East Park: Large play ground

Local Public Pool

Admission is $3. per person

(Children under 3 swim free with a swimming adult)

  • waterslide

  • diving boards

  • outdoor

Gooding Lions Club Park

Beach Volley Ball

  • Basket ball courts
  • Derkies Lake

    Want to go swimming, cliff jumping, scuba diving, BBQ, or take a nature hike? Dierkes Lake is the place. For only $3 a car load you get:

    Playground equipment


    Rock climbing area

    Sand volleyball pit

    South shelter that seats up to 54 people with electricity and grills available

    Swimming area with lifeguards on duty from June to August

    Walking trail (not paved) around lake that is 1.7 miles

    • Concession stand

    • Drinking fountain

    • Dog training area

    • Fishing

    • Grills

    • No alcohol allowed

    • Non-motorized boat launch

    • North shelter that seats up to 36 people with electricity and grills available

    • Picnic tables

    Zeppes Pizza

    The BEST PIZZA plus pool and arcades. This is a fun place that everyone can love.


    There are several golf courses in the area including the Blue Lakes Country Club and the

    Gooding Golf Course

    El Toro Taqueria

    Most amazing and authentic Mexican food!

    Minidoka National Historic Site

    The Pearl Harbor attack intensified existing hostility towards Japanese Americans. As wartime hysteria mounted, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 forcing over 120,000 West Coast persons of Japanese ancestry (Nikkei) to leave their homes, jobs, and lives behind, forcing them into one of ten prison camps spread across the nation because of their ethnicity.

    The Minidoka National Historic Site commemorates the more than 9,000 Japanese Americans who were imprisoned at the Minidoka War Relocation Center during the Second World War.

    (First Clue to

    Shoshone Falls

    Shoshone Falls is among the most spectacular of natural beauties along the Snake River. At 212 feet, the falls are higher than Niagara Falls. They are best viewed during the spring and early summer, when water flows are high - depending on winter snow melt. Irrigation diversion of Snake River flows can significantly diminish water over the falls in the summer and fall, particularly during dry years. However, even without high water flows, the views at Shoshone Falls remain spectacular year-round. The City of Twin Falls owns and operates the Shoshone Falls/Dierkes Lake Complex. It offers a unique blend of recreational facilities, including playgrounds and hiking trails, landscaped picnic areas, a boat ramp and swimming area, and a scenic overlook. The complex provides restroom facilities and visitor information, and for a nominal per-car entry fee, visitors can enjoy picnicking and relaxing in the shaded, grassy areas, which provide perfect vantage points for viewing Shoshone Falls.

    Hot Springs

    Hot Springs, Swimming, Kayaks Camping, more 

    Box Canyon Hike

    Trail is a 4.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Wendell, Idaho that features a lake and is rated as moderate

    1000 Springs

    Feel your tensions melt away in the geothermal-warmed waters of our hot springs resort.

    1000 Springs offers something for everyone, including swimming, private baths and a wading pool. Our waters are rich in a number of therapeutic minerals, and having a good soak will help you look and feel your best. The resort is open year round, and there’s a certified lifeguard on duty at all times. Visit us for affordable family fun!

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